SMS Marketing Glossary


AMBER | Automated Mobile Broadcast

An all-in-one SMS solution that allows you to send, schedule, and customize bulk text messages.

A2P SMS | Application-to-Person SMS

SMS sent from an application, typically from a web app to a mobile subscriber.


Banner Messages

A type of push notification that appears on top of the user’s screen then disappears after a few seconds.

Bulk SMS

The process of sending an SMS message to many mobile users at the same time.


Call to Action | CTA

A prompt that tells the user to take action. In SMS marketing, it is used as an instruction for users to opt-in a campaign.

Click through Rate

The ratio of clicks your ad receives compared to the number of views (called impressions) it receives.

CSV File | Common Separated Value File

A commonly used by web applications to transfer data. It is the file type used to upload your contact list in your AMBER account.


Deep Linking

Using hypertext links that lead to a specific page or content. In SMS marketing,  short URLs link to specific landing pages or online content.

Dedicated Reply Number

A unique SMS number used to receive SMS messages on an SMS platform.  

Delivery Receipt

A notification of the final status of an outgoing SMS message.


The act of sending an SMS message from an email account. An SMS gateway converts the email to an SMS message.


Free to End-User (FTEU)

Any program that enables the subscriber to opt-in an SMS campaign where they receive an MT message free of charge. It can also be applied to an MO message, where the user does not incur a charge when they send a message to a shortcode.



Refers to drawing a virtual barrier around a location using the user’s IP address. When the user enters the location, they will receive an ad via their computer, tablet or mobile device.


Refers to delivering ads to people who meet specific targeting criteria and are inside a defined radius (typically a minimum of one mile). It uses consumer criteria such as demographics, interests, and location. It is most commonly used in targeting larger geographical audiences where it is most effective.



A short word sent to a short or long code to participate in an SMS campaign.


Long Code

A standard phone number – typically 10 digit numbers – used to send and receive SMS messages.


MO Message | Mobile Originated Message

A message sent from the user’s mobile device. Mobile marketers use this to enable customers to participate in an SMS campaign. For instance, texting the keyword PIZZA to short code 1234 for a 20% discount.

MT Message | Mobile Terminated Message

A message sent to the user’s mobile device. Once the shortcode receives the keyword PIZZA, it will reply with an MT message, “Show this voucher to avail of a 20% discount”.


A way of sending messages with multimedia content to a mobile phone. This is typically used to send images from one phone to another.


One Way SMS

One way communication with the user in which a long or short code is not needed. The user can’t reply to this message.

OTP | One Time Pin

A code that is valid for one transaction using a mobile phone.


When the user explicitly states that they are willing to receive marketing messages such as alerts, ads, and promos.


When the user chooses to stop receiving messages after opting in.


P2P SMS | Person to Person Messaging

When two or more people communicate through text messaging.

Push Notifications

Messages that are delivered to the user’s home screen (or lock screen) when he or she is not using an app.


Sender Name | Sender ID | Masked Name

The name or number that appears as the ‘from’ name on the receiving mobile phone.


A well-defined software interface that allows you to send SMS messages via an application or platform.

SMS Marketing

A marketing strategy that uses text messages to sell and promote products or services to consumers.

SMS Short Code

A five digit text number that is often used in SMS campaigns as a quick and easy way of responding to an ad.

SMS Gateway

Allows a computer to send or receive SMS to or from a telecommunications network.

SMS Message

A short text message (maximum 160 characters long) that can be sent from and to a mobile phone.

SMS Tracking

The ability to track a URL link in an SMS message. URL links are used to link online content or landing pages.


Also known as Junk, are unsolicited messages, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups.


Two Way SMS

Allows the end user to receive MO messages and send MT messages using a short or long code.