4 Ways You Can Wow Your Customers Using SMS

Even in the age of modern mobile-targeting tactics, SMS remains the most trusted and reliable communication for businesses and the one that consumers prefer the most. With 90% of SMS read within three minutes and 23 billion text messages sent each day worldwide, it’s not difficult to see why: SMS is instant, easy-to-use, cost-friendly, and universal. 

Although commonly overlooked by some businesses, SMS has the power to impress and retain customers effectively. Here are six tried and tested ways your business can use SMS to delight your customers:

1. Deliver exclusive deals and special offers to your customers’ smartphones via SMS

Many stores and businesses choose SMS as a proactive method to send exclusive promos and engage customers and prospects in a cost-efficient way. 

2. Send thoughtful reminders that make them feel thankful you’re reminding them

To stay fresh in your customers’ minds, regular communication is key. Sending reminders is a simple but indispensable way to let your patrons know that you’re committed to going above and beyond the regular customer service that makes them return to your business every time. These SMS check-ins or reminders can be about an upcoming appointment or session or billing. 

3. Run contests and giveaways through text

Adding a gamification strategy to your SMS marketing is a surefire promotion tactic to charm prospects to your brand. In the easy format of a simple text message, you can alert them about exciting contests and giveaways and links, too, so they can claim their prizes. Here’s a tip: creating urgency (“Hurry! You have only until tomorrow to enter this giveaway!”) helps, and don’t forget prizes that really entice!

4. Send customer satisfaction text surveys

Customer feedback is another golden opportunity for increased customer engagement. And you can leverage on the convenience of text messaging to make it easier for customers to deliver feedback by merely sending a text. This strategy not only makes customers happy and satisfied but also leads to higher revenue potential. 


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