Amber partners with Bataan LGU to improve processing of assistance

Amidst COVID-19, Globe Labs continues to support communities in fighting the virus and lessening the impact of the pandemic through its suite of digital products and services.

Using Amber SMS blasting tool, Globe Labs has paved the way for the streamlined processing of assistance in the province of Bataan. Under this partnership, Bataan officials received one million incoming SMS credits and 500,000 outgoing credits to disseminate information to their constituents in a safe and effective manner.

Joet Garcia, 2nd District Congressman of Bataan says, “We were pleased with the results of our partnership with Globe and Amber. Almost 170,000 households in Bataan participated in providing us with the information we needed to allocate and identify the recipients of food packs,” 


“Instead of requesting people to fill up a form and submit their basic data to a representative, we asked our residents to send their details via text response, making our process accessible and centralized,” adds Garcia.

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