Globe Labs Supports the Philippine Red Cross Amid COVID-19

Globe Labs continues to stand with Filipinos during the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to act on its role as a digital enabler for people, communities and businesses through its suite of digital solutions.

Recently, Globe Labs partnered with the Philippine Red Cross to develop RC143, a contact tracing app that aims to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the country. RC143 is a navigational tool that uses Bluetooth and GPS to trace contact events between users. By using the app, users can assess their risk level of contracting the virus (directly or indirectly), and reach Red Cross representatives for medical assistance. All necessary information are gathered and used with the user’s consent.

Globe Labs extends support to the Red Cross by enabling mobile services such as SMS alerts and app advisories, as well as account authentication and verification. Although the app is accessible to all active PH mobile users, Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers can use the app for free and don’t need to worry about spending mobile data.

Like the Philippine Red Cross, businesses and other organizations can also develop innovative solutions to ensure health, safety and efficiency. Contact us and get powered by Globe Labs today.

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