Top 5 Types of SMS Messages You Might Be Forgetting To Send Your Customers

SMS is a powerful communication tool that helps businesses and organizations achieve maximum engagement with customers and target audiences. It’s simple, straightforward, easy to use and affordable. In a fast-paced and competitive marketplace, knowing what types of messages your customers should be receiving is just as crucial as having an SMS platform in place. If you’re feeling stuck with your SMS strategies, we’re here to help. 

Here are examples of must-send SMS campaigns that ensure you’re delivering value for each customer on the receiving end of your text messages.


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1. The Welcome Text 


Hey, Anne — welcome to the family! With Amber, trust you’ll never struggle to send bulk messages to your customers again! Happy SMS blasting!  


How it works: 

First impressions do last. With a well-crafted welcome greeting, you’re laying a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. It helps you build trust with each new customer and make them feel valued as if to say that their journey with your brand is about to get even better from there.

2. The Friendly Reminder Text 


Hi, Anne! Just a gentle nudge: your account is up for renewal on June 15, 2020. Please message us or visit


How it works:

Reminders such as those for payments can cause panic sometimes, that’s why it’s important to not make it sound harsh. Instead, your reminder text should ease any worries or concerns and assure them that they can contact you should they have queries. 


From healthcare to salons, this type of message also helps make sure that customers don’t miss their appointments and arrive on time and prepared.

3. The Confirmation Text Message


Hello! We have received your order request along with your payment and your order should be processed shortly for you. Thank you for trusting us with your needs. 


How it works:

In these instant times, we live in, sending an instant confirmation is a must to avoid a customer from feeling left hanging.

4. The Emergency Alert Text


Alert: Our store is currently closed due to the typhoon. Please stay safe indoors. 


How it works: The beauty of SMS is that messages are actually read as soon as they’re sent, making it ideal for urgent information such as store lockdowns or package delivery notifications.

5. The Feedback Text Message


Hi, Mark! We’d love to hear your feedback so we can serve you better! On a scale of 10 (10 being the best), how would you rate us? Leave your feedback by sending a text to 01234. 


How it works:

With the enforced brevity of SMS, it’s more likely that you attract the attention of your customers and collect the feedback that you need for your products or services.

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What is Amber? 

Amber is your all-in-one SMS solution that lets you conveniently reach thousands of your customers in a matter of minutes. 


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