How SMS Can Help Combat the Spread of COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rapidly spreads, government units and agencies and businesses are turning to SMS to communicate with the public and their customers and employees to fight the crisis.  

As of this writing, there are 3,138,115 confirmed cases worldwide, and 7,958 of which are from the Philippines. These numbers will continue to grow significantly as more testing kits become available.


Photo above via Unsplash

During these unprecedented times, SMS proves to be a valuable messaging channel in informing people on news and updates with immediate effect, as it records the highest open rates (as compared to email) in the shortest time after sending. Tracking, monitoring, and reporting of confirmed cases and patients under investigation (PUIs) and patients under monitoring (PUMs) can likewise be efficiently managed through regular SMS surveys.

South Korea has been applauded by many countries for its efforts in containing the coronavirus with its decision to implement widespread testing. CNN reports that people living in the country also receive emergency texts from officials for about 3-5 times a day. Through SMS, the government can track the exact locations and movements of COVID-positive patients. They also send out regular reminders and instructions on preventive measures to stop the spread of the disease. 

From a business perspective, SMS also plays a critical role for employers to ensure the safety of their employees. “We’ve got almost 350 employees working from all parts of the world, asking our HR department what (not) to do,” says Marijn Helmons, HR Manager at “In other words, proactively informing our employees on safety precautions and procedural changes is key if we want to maintain a calm workspace. Because of its high open rates, we’ve therefore turned to SMS.”

If you are a government agency, healthcare, or business leader, you can help #flattenthecurve through Amber SMS blast service to keep your people safe and updated. If you need any assistance in setting up your SMS campaign, we’re here to help you. Together, we can win this fight against COVID-19.

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