Benefits of SMS in the Healthcare Industry

Text messaging has become a decisive and critical tool for many businesses and organizations because it’s accessible, efficient and cost-saving. Even the healthcare industry is leveraging SMS as a means to streamline communication between patients and their healthcare providers. With SMS, patients are kept engaged and motivated, therefore boosting medication adherence rates and ultimately affecting patient health results.

It goes without saying that one example of the benefits of SMS is convenience. With text messaging, healthcare personnel can send SMS alerts to reduce the number of missed doctor or dental appointments. Managing appointment cancellations and rescheduling is also made easier with SMS. Through these reminders, you’re letting your patients feel that their health is your priority, which is an excellent way to develop a loyal relationship with them.

Text messaging can also play a key role in improving patient engagement and involvement with their treatment programs. Nurses and hospital admin staff can schedule SMS reminders to help patients take their medicine at the right time and secure refills, as necessary. You can also send announcements to inform your patients or alert them about their test results.

By being able to interact with providers in a comfortable manner, patients will likely feel more informed and empowered to take control of their healthcare, therefore enhancing the patient-provider relationship and strengthening patient loyalty. The more this happens, the more likely it is for them to seek regular care with their healthcare providers.

Is your medical organization also on the same road to better health? If you want to engender reliable communication between patients and healthcare professionals, all you need to do is contact our experts today and learn how text messaging can benefit your organization.

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