How to Generate Leads Using SMS

Ever heard of SMS marketing? 

SMS marketing, although not new anymore, has been a tried-and-tested tool that provides the most cost-effective channel for businesses to communicate with target audiences, with costs amounting to as little as a few cents.

Nowadays, SMS has been increasingly brought to the spotlight as more brands aim to target customers who are always on the go. The presence or absence of SMS in a business’ marketing strategy is also a sound test to distinguish a company that works and one that doesn’t. As mobile engagement plays a vital role in businesses, brands need to pay close attention to how they can capture more people and generate leads through their smartphones. 

Here are three tips to help you and your business create a successful SMS lead generation strategy.

  1. Be visible across all channels. 

SMS messaging is a permission-based channel, so before you send your text messages to your prospects, you need to set the stage and get them to opt-in first. For your SMS to be known and remembered, you have to make yourself available everywhere. To do this, make sure your text number or Click-to-Text button is easy to spot across your homepage, landing pages, print materials, ads, Google listing, and social pages.

2. Spur action with a strong CTA. 

It’s not enough that you have SMS-related content; it also needs to have a purpose. By putting up a clear and strong CTA, you can rest assured that your content is aligned with your overall marketing plan to make lead conversion happen. This is why a strong CTA button has become a staple in all your content. Putting a simple CTA on your homepage, like “Text us for a” with the Click-to-Text button goes a long way.

3. Increase the number of qualified leads.

Using SMS, you can automatically gather more information about your leads to better qualify them. You can send a link in your texts that lead to a landing page with more details. When they do so, you can track their activity and plan out how you can best target your leads using such data.

SMS lead generation continues to be an important part of marketing and sales. The good news is, you don’t need to wait for the perfect time to jumpstart because you can do it right here and right now. If you want to accelerate your business in this mobile-first world, take our recommended steps and start achieving lead-generation success via SMS. Need help? Contact us today!

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