Combining Your Rewards Program with SMS

Attracting new customers and keeping them loyal can be challenging, but thanks to mobile technology, SMS especially, our ability to do a wider range of things is now more possible. How does that make sense in the context of consumers? Just think of the number of times an average person picks up his or her phone in a day. The reality is that we’re now more reliant on the ‘digital’ that we now need to always be ‘on the go’ with our mobile devices. 

In marketing, SMS holds great power because of its impressive open rate–at 98%–which is among the highest open rate for marketing/promotional materials, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. This rate is three times more than email


The power of SMS in loyalty marketing


Want to make better experiences for your newly acquired customers? Text messages can help you do that–and even more. The best part? It’s straightforward and simple. 


You can make use of SMS to create buzz for all kinds of promotions, from limited one-time offers to regular discounts or ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ offers, to hopefully entice them to visit your store and make a purchase. To engage customers via SMS on an ongoing basis, you can also send across different campaigns to your customers to consistently make them feel valued and remembered. 


Another great way to maximize SMS is through reward alerts that you can send to your customers to drive higher redemption rates. On a regular basis, you can update them about their point balances and the list of rewards they can redeem using their points. And if you need to get urgent updates out, SMS is also the best channel to make sure that the info reaches your audience right away.

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Always keep in mind that your text messages should be clear and concise, unique, and fresh because that’s how you get the best results. But don’t be limited with the plain old text. You can mix it up with polls or surveys, or URLs to your website or social channels for better engagement. And as with any marketing effort, you need to track the results of your loyalty marketing initiative. SMS allows you to do that by monitoring customer responses. 


If SMS isn’t part of your loyalty program acquisition and engagement strategy, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. A message-enabled rewards program is a proven powerful tool to convert into sales.

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