5 Ways You Can Use SMS to Engage Your Employees

Did you know that the concept of the short message service (SMS) goes all the way back to 1984? And that the first text message was sent in 1992? That’s nearly 30 years ago! But even if it’s been decades since text messaging buzzed in, it remains popular as a method of communication. And for good reasons–it’s efficient, quick and cost-effective! 

In the workplace, the use of SMS proves to be an indispensable tool especially for Human Resources teams, as it enables them to connect and engage more with their employees. Here, we put together a list of ways you can use SMS to be more in sync with your employees.

  1. Keeping employees in the loop

As employees always have their phones close by, SMS becomes a perfect platform for short blasts of info or last-minute reminders. Because it’s short, direct and clear, employees pay attention and remember the main points of your SMS. But when sending your SMS, it doesn’t need to be limited to a text message only. You can also include links to training videos, for example, or employee engagement pages, to enhance their experience.

2. Making sure employees are safe during emergencies 

In the case of emergencies, SMS is the easiest and fastest way to reach your employees. If you want to cancel work because of a strong typhoon, you can send out emergency notifications to ensure their safety.

3. Boosting employee morale 

Using SMS to communicate with your employees brings the wonderful opportunity of creating meaningful relationships with them and boosting their involvement with the organization. Make them feel valued and cared for on their special days such as birthdays and work anniversaries, or acknowledge teams for a job well done through text. You can also use text messaging to inform them of any payroll treats.

4. Onboarding new employees

There is no better medium to get your new hires on board with all of the paperwork and training than text messaging. Using SMS, you can send out details and schedules, links to employee handbook or directions to a training room, etc. 

5. Getting feedback from employee surveys

To increase the chances of full employee engagement, you can make use of SMS as a two-way communication tool, with which they can voice out their concerns, opinions and experiences. By doing so, your employees would feel empowered to send ideas, reactions and suggestions to you. If you’re unsure about how an event, initiative or policy would play out, you can send out poll questions to see how they actually feel about it.

So there you have it! Now, it’s time to make the switch so you can get ahead of your competition. The promise of a successful digital rewards program is massive, and it’s waiting for you to capitalize on it!

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