Top 3 Mobile Trends from Google Philippines

The digital landscape in the Philippines is still in its infancy stages compared to overseas. WeChat now comes with an e-wallet service and serves as an Ecommerce platform. Singapore and Thailand are already transitioning into a cashless society. Here, businesses are still discovering loyalty apps.

Digital Ventures wants to help businesses start their digital journey and catch up without neglecting the fact that this transformation comes with many challenges. The digital-enabler arm of Globe Telecom hosted DV8, a Globe Digital Conference, to help business owners and leaders take that bold step.

As part of this initiative, Globe invited one of the biggest tech companies that have forever changed the way we use the internet. Ken Lingan, Country Head of Google Philippines, shared key insights on new digital trends that will impact the business landscape. Here are the top 3 quotes that every business needs to consider.

“The smartphone is the remote control of your physical world”

While being mobile is old news, Lingan emphasizes that it is not enough to have a mobile-friendly website. Today when people can pay, take out a loan, and order groceries through an app, consumers have higher expectations on frictionless customer service.

Consumers expect businesses to know them intimately and anticipate their needs. Before, marketing involved the “moment of truth” wherein brands have to be ready when people come into contact with their brands however remote. Now, Google posits the micro-moment marketing model, where brands have to be present when people reflexively turn to a device when they need something. This means businesses need to deliver mobile-ready customer service.

“The path to purchase for any business there is an online component. There is a way that digital could influence that path to purchase.”

Customers expect digital experiences from businesses with the smartphone as the primary device of choice. Even if you’re a B2B company, people expect you to have a website and a social media page that they can browse on mobile.

Look at your buyer’s journey and make sure that you are ready to be found in all touchpoints. And of course, all these touchpoints must consider mobile. For example, a brick-and-mortar retail store should consider augmenting their sales with Ecommerce and increasing customer loyalty with an app. An insurance company can automate increase collections by using automated call-outs.

“Your competition is the best digital experience that your customer has ever had”

The game changer is not about products or services anymore, it’s how you can deliver these offerings in a better and faster way without losing quality customer service. Customers are now online and they can find you whenever they want. There’s nearly an app for everything. Businesses need to look at the whole picture, from acquisition to retention and automate wherever necessary.

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