How to Use the Benefits of SMS to Amplify Digital Marketing

SMS marketing doesn’t suck anymore. With the help of a web-based platform that lets you broadcast bulk SMS messages to a specific list of recipients, marketers finally have a solution to low email open rates.


Before anything else, make sure that your customers opt-in. You can get penalized by the NTC if any of your customers complain of text spam. Here are some of the ways you can convince your customers to sign-up for SMS communication:

  • In-store – offer employees to opt-in after a purchase
  • Social media ads – opt-in button for SMS campaign
  • Website – opt-in visible in your email subscription form
  • Offers – discounts, sweepstakes

SMS Marketing with Digital

SMS marketing can be used to drive online marketing initiatives because of two advantages – immediacy and directness. Customers don’t have to log-in or sign-up to get the message. Here are a variety of ways that you can use SMS to complement your digital marketing.

Deep/Contextual Links and Hyperlinks

Use SMS to send deep links for customers who have installed your app in their device. Deep linking allows you to direct users to a specific page and increase usage. An alternative is to send a contextual link, which redirects recipients to the app store listing if they haven’t installed the app in their device. You can also use hyperlinks to boost your website and social media pages.

To celebrate reaching 1M “likes” on Facebook, Aerie sent an SMS message to opted-in customers to like their page along with a free shipping offer. Once they followed the link and hit like, they received a promo code.

Cross promotion

SMS can work two ways – drive online to offline marketing initiatives and vice versa. You can launch text-to-win contests promoted in your website or social media. You can use SMS notifications for Ecommerce sales and seasonal offers.

For their Mother’s Day campaign, Land’s End sent two different SMS messages leading up to the holiday. Opted-in customers were directed to a mobile site where they can buy gift cards.

Customer Engagement

SMS is a quick way to relay information which makes it a great supplement to online communication. You can use SMS with email, especially for time-sensitive notices such as billing, account status or appointment reminders. It’s indispensable for transaction notifications, OTP, and follow-ups. If you have a loyalty app, SMS is a convenient method to engage loyal customers.

Lookers used SMS to promote two car models. The text message was turned into a personalized ticket containing special offers and links to a web page for more information. The SMS was sent to a select group of 80,000 customers and an offer that can’t be found online, resulting in an ROI of 4,000%.

Lead Generation

Polls, surveys, discount coupons, and invites are other ways of building your customer database. While website subscription forms are convenient, people can get turned off filling them up.

Arby’s used SMS for its “The Hungry for Happiness Tour”, which is a campaign to raise awareness about childhood hunger. By texting Food to shortcode 877877, recipients are opted-in and directed to a nearby event.  

SMS Marketing Automation

You can monitor and track your SMS campaigns by using a web-based platform. Combined with the ability to create a targeted list, personalize messages, and schedule bulk messages, you can create drip campaigns. This enables you to incentivize the action you want.

For instance, you can give a promo code for a 5% discount to reward first-timers who opted-in, which they can redeem through a loyalty program or online store. After two weeks, you can give a 10% discount. Basically, the longer they subscribe the more rewards they can get.

There’s so much talk about omni-channel, but do you have the right tools to achieve your goals? AMBER is an SMS broadcasting tool that can help augment and amplify your online sales and marketing initiatives.

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