4 Important Reminders Before Implementing an SMS Strategy for Business

SMS marketing is experiencing a resurgence as the number of smartphone users continues to grow. You can send bulk SMS messages to thousands of recipients in real-time, making it a practical broadcasting tool for business.

Your email can sit in a person’s inbox for days or get tagged as spam putting your meticulously branded newsletter to waste. SMS is opened within 3 minutes of being sent and you only need 160 characters to do it.

Now before sending your first SMS broadcast, you’re going to need an SMS strategy to ensure that your campaign is effective. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do:

Follow the Rules

Make sure you follow the rules and restrictions for SMS messaging. The National Telecommunications Commission has Broadcast Guidelines, which includes steps that you need to make before you send your first bulk SMS through a broadcast messaging service provider.

It’s also worth noting that should customers file a complaint and your texts get tagged as spam, each text is counted as a violation with a fine of Php 200 each.  

Know your Audience

Do they prefer interacting with your business through text? Did they opt-in to your marketing messages? There are so many ways that customers can be reached today that it’s easy to get annoyed. You also have no way of knowing what their mood is upon receiving your SMS. You can turn from a harmless eager company to a creepy sales person in less than 5 texts.

Get the approval of your target audience first. Make sure to provide an option on how to opt-out.

Go Omnichannel

Omnichannel has become a buzzword in the marketing world lately, but it is important. The new buyer’s journey is winding. For instance, millennials combine offline and online efforts before they decide on a purchase. Make sure that your SMS strategy is aligned other channels such as email and social.

Use Best Practices

You have little room to work with but when done right, you’ll have a very effective SMS campaign. SMS is very simple that you only need 3 strategies to increase your SMS response rate.

Bulk SMS messaging is an efficient way to broadcast a message to several recipients. This convenient real-time capability can be used for a wide variety of applications. The key is good copywriting.

Whether you want to reach more customers, coordinate with employees, or simply inform as many people as possible with one single text, an all-in-one SMS solution is the answer.

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