When is SMS the Best Choice for Your Communication Efforts

Marketers have a comprehensive set of communication channels that they can choose from that a customer engagement strategy can get overwhelming.  More often than not the best solutions are always the simplest. SMS hasn’t stopped evolving even though social media and email get the most attention. Today, you can customize messages, send bulk SMS and track your campaigns through a web-based platform.

SMS has a response rate of 45% and a click-through rate of 36%, making it a quick and direct way to engage customers regardless of whether you’re a B2B or B2C company. Here are the best times to use SMS and avoid turning into that creepy salesperson.

SMS Can Provide Critical Time-sensitive Information

SMS is best used to provide important time-sensitive information for customer service. This includes appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and OTP transactions. It shouldn’t be used to send information that the user will need as a reference later because they’re easier to delete and harder to search through.

Apart from using SMS for business, it can also be used to provide general advisory for employees, students, and other organizations.  

Need Quick Answers for Quick Questions

SMS is read within the first 3 minutes of delivery, compared to emails that take 6.4 hours. While you only have about 160 characters to use, SMS can still be used to get quick answers for quick questions. You can also use it for customer surveys by adding a short URL.

Personalize Loyalty Marketing Initiatives

SMS marketing is a great engagement tool for loyalty programs. You can use push notifications to recommend in-app content and special offers. Users automatically opt-in when they download an app, making it easier for you to send messages. Make sure that you offer an opt-out option. An SMS broadcast tool also enables you to create targeted campaigns by sending to specific contact lists, effectively personalizing your loyalty marketing initiatives.

Provide a Quick Follow-up

If your email marketing campaign is moving at a glacial pace, you can use SMS to give your prospect a quick nudge. Make sure that you have established a relationship with the customer first before sending any SMS messages. This is a perfect addition to the selling process, where follow-through is crucial to lead nurturing and conversion.

Increase Foot Traffic to your Store

SMS is a convenient way to incite action by creating a sense of urgency. Combining special offers with geo-fencing and clever copywriting can increase store visits. Filipinos spend about 3 hours on their mobile phones. Using discount vouchers, you can encourage customers to use and to share it with their friends by visiting a nearby store.

SMS marketing doesn’t suck anymore, especially when you have an all-in-one SMS solution. Sign-up for AMBER and connect with your customers today.

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