Why SMS Marketing is Still Relevant in Today’s Digital Age

SMS is not the first thing that comes to mind when businesses think about marketing and customer service. It’s easy to get excited about social media, mobile apps, and video marketing.

Yet, big brands such as Coca Cola, Starbucks, and Marriott Hotel are able to successfully utilize it as both a mobile marketing and customer engagement tool.

Here are three overlooked benefits of sending bulk SMS messages for businesses:

Gain a Broad Reach and High Open Rates

It’s no exaggeration to say that there are more than 70 million mobile users in the Philippines. Whether you have a brick Cherry mobile phone or the latest iPhone X, SMS can reach you wherever there is a signal. You don’t need to install a mobile app and have a data plan to send and receive a message.

SMS is small, simple and straightforward. They have an open rate of 98% and read within an average of 5 seconds. They won’t get lost and send to junk mail. They go straight to a device that no one can go without and always within an arm’s reach.

These practical advantages – amplified by web-based SMS broadcasting platforms – make it a great way to engage with customers.

Gain High Returns for a  Low Cost Investment

A web-based platform is equipped with features that turn an SMS broadcasting tool into a digital business solution. You can instantly reach thousands of customers, customize SMS messages, and deploy targeted mobile campaigns.

More importantly, this eliminates a manual process that leads to arguably the most expensive cost in business – time.

Personalize your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Today’s consumer can be reached through multiple digital touchpoints, which makes the immediacy of SMS marketing all the more important. You can create mobile campaigns that send text messages to the right people at the right time. Customers will only subscribe to SMS updates from companies that they’re really interested in, which makes SMS a great way to generate leads and sales.

  • send updates on a soft opening of a new branch to recipients closest to the area
  • update a target market of a new product based on previous purchases
  • gentle reminder for regular customers who consistently avail of a particular service
  • spread the word of an exclusive promo for a target market
  • inform customers of a discount sale to increase foot traffic or quickly unload clearance items
  • integrate it with your operations to provide personalized customer service

Customers today aren’t simply paying for a product, they want to buy a personalized experience. Brands have to serve customers on their channel of preference at the right moment. SMS is still an indispensable channel of communication. Sometimes you don’t need a complicated answer when you have a simple solution right in front of you.

Engage your audience through an all-in-one SMS solution.  Kickstart your SMS marketing campaign.


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