3 Myths that’s Stopping You From Reaping the Rewards of SMS Marketing

Technology has created new touchpoints for brands to communicate with customers. Google Home sneaked up on its users and advertised a Disney movie. Thomas Cook has a Try Before You Fly Virtual Reality Holiday. Yet SMS is still here. The Asia Pacific A2P SMS Market is projected to grow by $26.31 billion by 2022.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about SMS marketing continue to persist. In today’s digital age it’s easy to assume that this legacy communication model has become obsolete.  

Here are 3 myths that’s stopping you from leveraging one of the most convenient and affordable channels for marketing to and engaging with your customers:

SMS is Antiquated  

Out of 119 million mobile phone subscriptions in the Philippines, 95% are prepaid. In addition, Filipinos spend about 3 hours on their mobile phones every day. This presents a prime opportunity for businesses to get in touch with their customers through a personal device that they have on hand 24/7.

In response telecommunication companies have evolved their offerings to provide enterprise solutions. You can now automate SMS marketing and deploy personalized campaigns. You’re bound to receive an SMS promo if you have a BDO credit card. SM will find its way to reach you and promote one of its year-round three-day sale.

Even if the customer doesn’t read the message – which is highly unlikely – it can serve as a type of alarm. It can be a bill notification, product updates, or follow-up reminder. Each one of us has a certain ringtone for every app (and every app has their own ringtone) that we have an idea where the message is coming from or what message it’s likely to contain.

SMS is not for Business

SMS marketing can be applied to any industry and any business. Okay, you wouldn’t receive a promo from a construction company. But said company can use it in a different way. SMS has general capabilities that can be transformed into specific applications.

You can inform, notify and engage. A logistics company can use it to coordinate their delivery network. A firm can use it to keep their sales teams and field agents updated. A retail store can create campaigns for post-sale engagement. There are challenges and pain points that SMS can solve to improve efficiency.

Concentrix uses SMS as an end-to-end solution. As a BPO company that needs consistent manpower for clients, they’re recruitment is ongoing. The company’s HR department uses an SMS solution to scout and recruit talent, significantly streamlining their hiring process.

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SMS is Time-consuming and Invasive

The mechanism of SMS may be old, but its application is not. Current technology – internet, analytics, and API – have turned it into more than just a text messaging service.  

Businesses can deploy an SMS blast online and monitor their usage through a web-based platform. They can send more than 10,000 outgoing messages that can reach an unlimited number of recipients. Said messages can be customized, scheduled, and sent to a specific list of contacts.

SMS is an ubiquitous form of mobile communication and expected by any mobile phone user. They can be read and exchanged anytime. They’re more thought-out than a call or in-person conversation. Sixty-eight percent of millennials prefer text over phone calls. In the Philippines, it even has its own language.

SMS is a versatile tool that you can use for customers and employees. Mobile communication doesn’t need to be complicated, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

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