The Only 3 Strategies You Need to Increase SMS Response Rate

The mobile phone is one of the most important devices in the world. There are more than 70 million mobile phone users in the Philippines alone, making it an essential channel for businesses to reach their customers.

It’s easy to reach thousands of recipients through an SMS broadcasting tool. Encouraging customers to respond however, is a challenge. Customers are constantly inundated with marketing messages every day. Smartphones now also have the capability of a computer with easy access to the internet, which adds a variety of distractions.

Here are 3 strategies that can increase your SMS response rate:

Incite Action

Incentives are a great way to encourage customers to respond. But there’s always that five second window where they can change their mind. The crucial element is to provide emotional fulfillment.

  • Make it relevant – segment your target market based on previous purchases, preferences or demographic  
  • Make it exclusive  – a VIP deal or automatic eligibility for customers who opt-in for SMS updates  
  • Make it urgent  – add phrases to indicate limited supply such as “Today Only”, “Get 50% Off Now”
  • Make it personal – add the subscriber’s name, inquire when they would like to receive the message and what kind of information they want to receive
  • Make them feel a part of a community – ask questions or feedback for new offerings and updates

Keep the Message Simple and Easy

SMS has more constraints compared to an email or phone call. This can actually work to your advantage because you’re forced to keep it direct and simple, which makes it easier to read and follow. The key is clever copywriting and keeping it aligned with your goals.

  • Integrate MMS to send images or gifs
  • Keep it clear and concise, yet witty when possible
  • For promos, use one keyword relevant your organization
  • Make sure that your keyword and short code is easy to remember and highlighted in the message

Include SMS in your Overall Marketing Strategy

SMS can be used as a marketing channel if you think about it in a bigger context. Rather than just simply sending a message, think about creating campaigns.

  • Use an SMS broadcasting platform to create, execute, and monitor campaigns
  • Integrate your SMS call-to-action in other marketing channels such as billboards, social media, and in-store signage
  • Add links to your social media to encourage referrals and award your top referrers
  • Make it interactive by including a website or social media link in automated replies
  • Tap into a younger target market who are more active texters

With so many customer touch points it’s easy to get carried away and tap into different channels. The key is to pick the right mix of tactics and replicate success. SMS embodies everything that is the most essential about mobile communication – simple and direct.

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